Xbox Live Family Pack revealed, $99 for four Gold memberships

Microsoft has released details about a new pricing tier for their Xbox Live service, this time targeting the gamer family. Currently, each person with an Xbox Live profile must pay a separate Gold membership fee in order to take advantage of the whole Live experience; an expensive proposition for a large family. This November, the Xbox Live Family Gold Pack looks to reduce that cost while throwing in a few goodies at the same time.

Under the new pricing scheme, up to four individual Xbox Live Gold memberships can be had for $99 per year. Along with a more sensible pricing option, the Family Pack will also give the primary account the ability to buy and divvy out Microsoft Points to the other profiles associated with the pack. For those wanting to keep a tight grip on the other Family Pack members online activities will be pleased to know that the new subscription option will also provide activity reports via and the Family Center on the dashboard, a centralized location for family settings and account management. Members will also receive exclusive family content and discounts, although no word on what those entail.

This new Family Pack seems like a great idea for those with a large gaming family, but right now it brings up more questions than anything. Do the profiles have to be on the same console? Will Netflix recognize the new subscription model or will we will have to sign in under the primary account to watch a movie?

No word from Microsoft as of yet.