Activision wavering on Kinect, Move support

Sony and Microsoft are pushing their motion controllers, as they should due to the fact that Nintendo pretty much owns that market at the moment. But although these hardware updates can drastically change the way we play on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Activision is hesitant to support them due to their price tags and will wait to see whether or not they have any appeal among consumers. Thats according to chief operating officer Thomas Tippl.

“I think as a publisher, you have to be concerned about how the price drives a lot of the outcome of how big of an install base there’s going to be [for hardware],” he said. “The bigger the install base, the more likely that you can make sense out of your investment. So, the lower the price, the better. In this economic environment, it’s probably more important than ever.”

The Microsoft Store lists Kinect at $150 (not official) and Move will set you back $50 for the main controller, $30 for the navigation controller and $40 for the required PlayStation Eye camera, which equals $120 total. But you’ll have to add another $50/$80 if you want to play multiplayer locally, which would increase that total tally to $170/$200.

“Move and Kinect, I think, will be interesting new opportunities to innovate certain franchises, but probably not for every kind of game. So, we’ll have to see how much of an install base they’re going to develop,” Tippl added, saying that “a lot of that will depend on the price point they choose.”

“We have a few franchises where we think this could be an interesting value to improve the experience for the player. Tony Hawk is an example. We have our Rapala Fishing franchise. But it’s not going to be something that will be in every game, because I don’t think it’s one size fits all. It’s not going to enhance the experience for every game.”