DLC holding up Alan Wake 2 development

Alan Wake 2? Forget about it, for now anyway. While Remedy “definitely want[s] a sequel,” even going as far as already setting the plot, it is Microsoft who is holding things up in favor of more DLC episodes. Episodes that the studio wouldn’t be able to do if a second iteration of the psychological action thriller were to be put into development.

“Microsoft are throwing the idea around of more episodes, but… we’re a small team,” said Remedy boss Oskari Häkkinen. “We wouldn’t really be able [to create more episodes] — if we were to confirm a sequel at some point.”

“We’re in a limbo at the moment where neither of us are talking about it. Microsoft have an option for it. That was in the deal a long time ago and I don’t see why they wouldn’t.”

Häkkinen goes on to say that the development window, once started, should be significantly reduced this time around, just like with Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

Max Payne 1 took us also five years to make. Max Payne 2 took us 18 months. I think we’d be looking at something of a similar cycle.”