Jaffe: Twisted Metal graphics will improve

Those let down by the visual side of Twisted Metal‘s long-awaited entry into the current generation may find relief in knowing that what’s been shown so far will be improved upon. However, “it will never be Uncharted 2 or Killzone 3“; words from creator David Jaffe.

“Depending on the level, graphics and fx it will get a 10-30% bump,” the designer wrote via Twitter while responding to a question critical of the game’s looks.

“If that is the kind of game one demands,” he continued, “one should look elsewhere when it comes to this title. There’s all sorts of trade offs that affect visuals and we feel we are making great choices even if it means our artists can’t express themselves fully with the amazing talent they have.”

He later explained further, saying the game delivers an anti-aliased, 720p (1080p output supported), HDR experience with many textures, shaders and art content still to be improved upon. See here for a beefier rundown of the title’s current status and what to expect.

Twisted Metal is expected to launch some time next year.