Microsoft will wait “until the market responds” to 3D

Sony and developers alike might already be embracing 3D technology with or without glasses (in Nintendo’s case that is), but Microsoft is staying cool, waiting it out “until the market responds,” according to director of product management for Xbox 360 Aaron Greenberg.

In an interview held at E3, Greenberg expressed his hesitation towards thinking the technology is already mainstream, unlike the competition, due to the high costs of 3D-ready equipment like TV’s. “The question is whether or not the consumer demand is there,” said Greenberg. “We’re not a consumer electronics company that’s trying to sell 3D TVs, so we have the benefit of waiting until the market responds. We’re going to take probably more of a pull than a push approach.”

However, he would calm every Xbox 360 owner down when expressing that the system is fully compatible to display the x, y and z axis’. “We’re a fully 3D-capable console today. We support 3D games that are in the market today. If you look at things like Avatar and the new Batman game, and some of the titles that were announced in 3D [at E3] like Crysis 2, they’re coming to Xbox 360,” commented Greenberg, and that “there’s no confusion that anyone looking for a 3D gaming experience will find those same experiences on the Xbox.”