New Deus Ex boasts 200,000 lines of dialogue

Deus Ex Human Revolution is going to be quite the talker; producer David Anfossi has revealed that there are over 200,000 lines worth of dialogue included in the action-RPG.

“The voice recording, with all the characters we have in the game, is just amazing,” Anfossi has told VideoGamer. “We have more than… I think it’s more than 200,000 lines.”

The Deus Ex series is perhaps known best for its well-written narrative and complex plot, something Eidos Montreal is looking to live up to after picking up the mantle from previous developer Ion Storm.

Adds lead designer Jean-François Dugas: “There’s no magic recipe. The only thing we have is a lead writer who’s very dedicated to her job [Mary Demarle of Splinter Cell: Conviction fame], and she’s working damn hard. She reviews everything and she’s nit-picky.”

Human Revolution is expected to ship early next year.