Why is Sonic 4 episodic? Sega reveal all

Sonic the Hedgehog brand manager Ken Balough has revealed the thought process behind making Sonic 4 episodic.

What’s that? Because they can make more money from it? Hush yo mouth, cynics.

Balough told Destructoid that the decision was based on bringing the experience down to a digestible size. “The thing is we need the consumer to be able to absorb it,” he said. “If we went out with the grand story that is Sonic 4 it would be a very large and costly download experience.

“The consumer has gotten used to paying a certain amount of money for a certain packet of content so we need to make sure we abide by that because we definitely don’t want to turn off the consumer. We want them to pay the right price for the right content.

“Not only does it allow the consumer to absorb it, it allows the consumer to give feedback every step of the way, and that’s something that a lot of games don’t do. With Episode One you’ll be able to give feedback that will apply to Episode Two and so on.

“Basically, we’re going to let the community be very involved with Sonic 4 and that’s the way it should be.”

Letting the consumer give feedback, eh? We reckon there should be more Werehogs, or gun-toting shadowy alter-egos. That’d be great.