You got Kinect in my TV and PC

I didn’t think that it would take long for the technology behind Kinect to be added on to other things, but I never thought it would be this soon. Adi Berenson, vice president of PrimeSense, the company responsible for Kinect’s techn, has admitted that gesture controls are already slated to appear within HTPCs by year’s end. Not only that, but by this time next year, a major cable company will have set top boxes with gesture controls built in, also using the tech behind Kinect.

While Berenson says that the “end goal is to provide natural human control over TV-based media consumption,” voice recognition and motorized tilt will not be available in the TV and PC versions, as those are Microsoft-owned ideas. It’s doubtful Microsoft will leave that money on the table though, I fully expect to see them marketing this as a PC and TV add-on later on.