Ancel talks “perfect” Beyond Good & Evil 2

While participating in a panel at the Montpellier In Game conference in France, Beyond Good & Evil creator Michael Ancel has given a rare and brief update on the progress of its much anticipated yet MIA sequel.

As roughly translated by NeoGAF members, Ancel allegedly wants Beyond Good & Evil 2 to have an interactive storyline with different outcomes, and he wants to create it with as small a team as possible; a family-like feel fosters better creativity, he believes.

Currently working on the newly announced Rayman Origins and the tools it’s built with, Ancel plans to follow a similar path with BG&E2. A prototype which allows for the creation of entire cities is said to be up and running but, since creating tools for a 3D game is a more complex matter, reaching a finished product will take much more time.

Ancel also wants the game to be “perfect,” so we best get comfortable.