FFXIV director: DS/PSP suitable for MMOs

MMO is perhaps the one genre that hasn’t really taken off on home consoles. There’s been a few games, sure, but anything that resembles a comprehensive selection there is not.

What about handhelds then? Is it even possible to transfer the genre to the tiny screens? Hiromichi Tanaka, Square Enix’s senior vice president of software and director on PC/PS3 (and in the future Xbox 360, maybe) MMO Final Fantasy XIV, believes it is.

“Yes, I believe it’s definitely possible. The DS and PSP both have networking systems implemented, so it’s definitely do-able,” he’s told Videogamer.

“The CPU of mobile consoles are much lower spec compared to other consoles, or even to PC, so that could be a difficulty if you want to simply transfer a console-based MMO onto a mobile machine,” he adds.

“But if it’s built specifically for DS or PSP that’s definitely possible, even on the current technology.”