Take-Two to release new IPs yearly

Expect plenty of new properties from Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two in the coming years.

The company aims to replenish its line-up — already saturated by the likes of Mafia, Max Payne, Borderlands and Civilization — with at least one new intellectual property each year, VP Alan Lewis has told Gamasutra, while still allowing its developers plenty of time to do what they do. An approach that certainly paid off in the case of multi-million selling chart-topper Red Dead Redemption.

“The title had moved, as people know, and I think if you look at the quality of the game and what it’s doing in the market, it illustrates that to make a great game, sometimes you need to give the developers ample time to make something great,” he said.

Red Dead Redemption took Rockstar San Diego six years to develop.

“Every year, we’re going to try to introduce at least one new IP that we hope over the long term will work well for us,” he concluded.