Why is GoldenEye 007 a Nintendo exclusive?

Activision have revealed the reasoning behind GoldenEye 007‘s Nintendo exclusivity.

Brian Pass, senior producer at Activision, told VideoGamer that the N64 classic-inspired shooter is exclusive “for a number of reasons.”

“One is that we have a partnership with Nintendo,” said Pass. “It’s a great opportunity. This game was originally on the N64, so there’s the nostalgia factor for people that are Nintendo fans. So we wanted to partner with Nintendo for this.

“There’s opportunity. So, the opportunity on the Nintendo Wii platform is huge. There’s roughly 12 million Wiis in North America. But it’s not really a console that a lot of shooter fans are playing on. So we wanted to offer them their own first-person shooter, that’s unique and exclusive to that console.”

Pass also recognised that shooters haven’t been entirely successful on Wii and shared his thoughts on the subject. He also revealed that GoldenEye 007 will support the Classic Pro Controller.

“Maybe it’s because people don’t like using the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk,” said Pass. “They don’t like using the pointing device. Now they’ve got the Classic Pro Controller. This is dual analogue stick. It’s got the exact same layout you find on PS3 or 360.

“You put this in a shooter fan’s hands and they instantly know how to play. We feel that the opportunity and the time is right. And partnering with Nintendo is a huge opportunity for us. We really want to tap in to the nostalgia for Nintendo fans, and take advantage of the opportunity presented by the platform.”

On the possibility of Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, however, Pass wasn’t so forthcoming, simply saying, “We can’t talk about that.”