Here’s what you get with PlayStation Plus

When you’re already offering an integral feature like online play for gratis, a subscription service like PlayStation Plus becomes a bit of a tough sell. Dissuaded from removing features from the basic PSN, Sony are heaping on the extras for those who decide take the plunge on a PlayStation Plus subscription.

As a PlayStation Plus subscriber you’ll be offered a bevy of free games each month – the likes of Wipeout HD, Fieldrunners and Age of Zombies kicking off the service. There is, however, one notable addendum: you’ll only have access to these games provided you’re still subscribed Sony’s premium service. Bummer.

One of the more interesting elements of Playstation Plus is the option to download full game trials. Each month, you’ll be given a solid hour to do what you will with a full game – after the time expires, you can purchase the game in its entirety or choose to give it a miss.

Additional features include PlayStation Store offers and discounts, early access to select demos and betas, automatic downloads for game and firmware updates as well as free monthly episodes of video magazine Qore.

Sony have also noted that PlayStation Plus is an evolving service, which presumably means that sought after features, like cross game voice chat, will be added further down the line.