Surprise: Kojima’s not done with Metal Gear

Metal Gear is written into series creator Hideo Kojima’s blood; he will never be rid of it no matter how much he longs to move on from the series. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s said he’s stepping down from the series altogether, only come come back the following E3/TGS with another Solid Surprise.

To be fair, he never confirmed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as his last game. In fact, Peace Walker‘s ending suggests the opposite, and now Konami have dropped a few hints that we’ll see him back in action soon enough.

Metal Gear Solid Rising producer, Shigenobu Matsuyama was the first to let it slip during an E3 round-table last week. When asked where his new came fits into the (incredibly complex) MGS timeline, he replied: “I’ve been asked a lot, ‘Is this going to be a side-story or spin-off to the MGS series? But what I’m positioning is that there will be a Hideo Kojima game that is MGS, but what we are planning as Kojima Productions is have this Raiden Rising as almost as a standard so that there’s an MGS and the Rising going back-and-forth in the future.”

Yeah, we have a hard time wrapping our brains around what he meant too thanks to an awkward translation, but a later statement from Konami gave a more convincing “Hideo Kojima will continue working on Metal Gear Solid games.”

Seeing as Kojima just finished his own MGS5, and now that we have a liiiiittle bit more info on Rising we’re going to bet we won’t see his next for a while. Still, plenty of time to get the sequel/prequel/remake/spin-off/director’s cut rumor mill running again. That wheel seemingly doesn’t stop when it comes to MGS.