Dance Central DLC ‘more complex’, pricier

Post-release downloadable content for Harmonix’s Dance Central will carry a price tag higher than the $2-per-song approach taken with Rock Band, project lead Kasson Crooker has told Joystiq.

Developing additional content for the currently Kinect-only dancer brings with it “complexity” that makes the process “significantly different,” he says.

“Because [Dance Central DLC] comes with a brand new unique routine with the three difficulties, we have to: engage the choreographer, find the song, license the song, come up with a routine, get them into a [motion capture] suit, shoot all the choreography, integrate the animation, build the filter system, the flash cards, the [voiceover] for ‘Break it Down’ — it’s a pretty elaborate process that is not only a lot more expensive, but a lot more time consuming.”

Details on the add-ons’ pricing will be revealed closer to the early November launch, Cooker also said, also revealing that Harmonix is unlikely to adopt a weekly launch schedule for DLC, at least at first.