Get your pre-order on: 3DS games on Amazon

Be the first kid on your block with Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3DS….or at least the first to order it off Amazon. After that you’ve got nothing to do but sit back and wait till Dec 31, 2020. So maybe that last part is just a place holder date, but it does tell us a couple of useful tidbits.

First, the price one would be looking at dropping on a shiny new 3DS game has been narrowed down, to $34.99 USD. Second, the exact release date of the 3DS remains a secret, wrapped in an enigma, coated in semi-sweet chocolate, dipped in caramel, mmmmm.

At any rate Konami also has available reserving pleasure: Contra 3DS, Frogger 3DS, Baseball 3DS, Winning Eleven 3DS, and Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS.

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