Halo: Reach hits Zero Bug Release

Bungie’s Halo: Reach, due out in September, reached a development milestone this week, as the Washington State-based studio announced the game has reached Zero Bug Release status.

The  news stems from Bungie’s Creative Director Marcus Lehto, writing on the Reach Noble Actual development blog.

“Since E3, we have been crushing bugs and working 24/7. It’s been brutal, but we did get to ZBR last night at midnight. Now we’re closing in on fixing only the crazy weird bugs that we feel just break the game or make us vomit. :),” Lehto wrote.

According to Reach Executive Producer, Joe Tung, ZBR is “just one of the milestones” leading up to the game shipping in September. He says, via the Bungie Weekly Update, there are a number of Release Candidates still to follow that will precede RTX (release to certification).

Halo: Reach hits Xbox 360 September 14, which gives Bungie a little over three months to get the job done.