Take-Two CEO: BioShock 2 ‘not hugely successful’

It seems that the general consensus on Bioshock 2 has been that it was a pretty good game that didn’t do any damage to the franchise, but it didn’t exactly take it to new heights either. However it looks like gamers weren’t the only people slightly disappointed by the outing, as Take-Two chief executive Ben Feder points out Bioshock 2‘s inability to meet sales expectations.

Despite shipping three million copies within one month of release, Feder calls the 2K Marin developed title “not hugely successful”.

He doesn’t blame the quality of the title for the lower than expected sales, but rather cites the abnormally large number of  AAA titles released around it, such as Mass Effect 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIII, and Bayonetta.

Also, while the game didn’t sell as well as expected, Feder says that Bioshock 2 is “profitable for the company and is a great success”.

And more is coming.