Valve’s Portal 2 E3 demo, part one: Introducing Wheatley

We all saw Gabe Newell hit the stage back at E3 with a pretty bombastic announcement, a somewhat witty speech, a very cool trailer and all of a sudden, we had Portal 2 and Steamworks on PlayStation 3. It’s rather disappointing not being able to throw that extra dimension into the mix, but Valve’s aim to go cross-platform satisfies enough.

What nobody showed to those who couldn’t make it to the event, was Valve demoing the game for the attendees. But as of today, we’ve been provided with the first part of said demo. Part two through seven will be made available throughout this week.

This first part introduces a new character named Wheatley, a┬áPersonality Sphere. We get to know him… yeah, it’s a dude, an english dude and we won’t even have an opinion on this, so unless you’re going for a complete Portal 2 blackout, fix your eyes upon this walkthrough and judge Wheatley, the graphics, the gameplay and the environments for yourself.