Reminder: Club Nintendo year ends June 30

If you’ve amassed a collection of Nintendo soft and hardware and have yet to cash them in via Nintendo’s special club, now is the time.

Nintendo today reminds us that the Club Nintendo year ends June 30, meaning you have from the second you read this until Wednesday to type in your game codes and redeem them for coins.

300 Coins gets your Gold status, 600 is Platinum. Both categorizations get you free stuff, so now’s the time to grab the goods and get moving.

Goodies doled out to Platinum status gamers last year included a choice of a Mario plush hat or a digital copy of a varient of Punch-Out!!, while Silver members received a themed calendar.

Nintendo hasn’t yet announced this year’s premium prizes, but the bottom line is they’re free, provided you enter in all your redeemable items.

For more on the soon-to-be-over-and-then-oh-my-goodness-look-what-you’ve-wasted-promotion, check out the official Club Nintendo page.