Team Fortress 2 grinders get burned by Laser Cat

There’s an achievement in Team Fortress 2 awarded when you rack up a massive amount of kills, leading accolade-obsessed players to create servers dedicated to grinding, “bleak, joyless rooms of endlessly spawning bots and resupply crates” according to PC Gamer‘s Tom Francis. If there’s anything good to come of these soulless community creations, it’s the apocalyptic surprise at the end of this achievement whoring map – a gigantic laser-shooting, hornet-spewing feline harbinger of Armageddon.

“We were in tears in the office here when we watched the first video,” said Team Fortress 2 creator Robin Walker. “We would dearly love to be able to claim that as our work, but once again the community shows it’s much smarter than we are. I’m hoping the creator makes him/herself known so we can award them with a community item.”