THQ works with, doesn’t acquire talent

THQ’s plan to publish more quality titles does not include acquiring talent but working with it. That’s according to core games division VP Danny Bilson who says the company is “seeking out some of the best talent in the world to build games for us”.

The first such talent is Tomonobu Itagaki and his Valhalla Games Studio whose recently revealed Devil’s Third title THQ is publishing in 2012.

THQ’s “artist first” approach, Bilson says, is “completely different” from the likes of EA and Activision, two publishing giants the executive says are “going to have to start worrying about competing with us”.

“I think what you’re going to see is the best developers in the world coming to THQ over the next year, because our system is completely different to the other companies. Of course, we can be competitive in the deal, but it’s not about that.

“This is very radical compared to the rest of the business, but this how we beat the competition, and this is how we get to better quality.

“We are at THQ Core an artists-driven company. And it’s completely different from everyone else. And you’re going to see more talent coming to THQ.”

In the next six months, Bilson adds, THQ will make “two big announcements coming that will blow your mind.”