Update 3.40 hits for PS3, brings PS Plus with it

It’s that time of the month again; I turn on my PS3, hit up Bad Company 2, and then shout when it doesn’t let me play because I’m not logged into PSN. Then I realise it’s because Sony are bringing us a lovely new firmware update today and everything is okay again.

The last update prepped us for 3D, and this one sets us up for PlayStation Plus, the new premium service for PSN users. Once you’d got the update installed you can take a look at what’s on offer on the Store, there’s some pretty neat stuff for the first month.

Looking past the new service, this update also gives us further Facebook features that help you find other PSN users on the site, and some nifty video and photo editing tools that help you share your stuff.

Plus you can see people’s trophy levels when you simply highlight their tag now, neat!