Activision hint at new Infinity Ward franchise

Looks like Infinity Ward may no longer focus solely on the Call Of Duty series. Indeed, Activision executive vice president Dave Stohl is hinting at a whole new franchise from the Modern Warfare devs.

Speaking to VG247, Stohl revealed that Infinity Ward are holding “a huge recruiting drive” following the controversial exit of West, Zampella and a large number of staff.

“Recruiting at Infinity Ward is not a problem. What we’re trying to do is say that Infinity Ward is a culture, it’s a way of doing things,” he said.

When asked if Infinity Ward would remain focused on Call of Duty titles, Stohl replied, “We’re not saying right now. There is definitely a strong shooter philosophy there, for sure. And I think that there’s a short- and long-term view on the whole thing. But I think we’re rebuilding a studio that can go off and build great new franchises in the future.”

Oddly, it was Infinity Ward’s alleged attempts to ‘go off and build a great new franchise’ that contributed to Activision and Infinity Ward’s problems in the first place.