Project Milo “a full product,” “can change the world”

There’s been some confusion over the nature of Project Milo, Fable developer Lionhead’s Kinect-only what-the-bloody-hell-is-it project, in the last day or two. Microsoft man Aaron Greenberg has called it a tech demo only to backtrack later; it “absolutely continues in development at Lionhead Studios.”

Lionhead head and Project Milo lead man Peter Molyneux has now made it extra clear that the boy in a telly is indeed “a full product,” and, in true Molyeneux fashion, possibly “something that can change the world.”

“Milo has been a really hard thing to do and a really hard thing to describe. I have real sympathy for the [Microsoft] people over in Redmond, because they understandably have some questions,” the designer said at the GameHorizon conference in Gateshead, England.

“The biggest challenge for us is convincing people what we’re doing is actually going to work, is going to reach a new audience, is going to be an idea that people love. That for me is a massive challenge. Convincing people what you’re doing is something that can change the world.”

He added: “This is a full product that we’re working on. It’s not going to be released this year for sure, it’s not part of the launch line-up – I think it would be inappropriate to be so, it’s using Kinect in a very different way which is very sensitive” — exactly what that means should be revealed in two weeks’ time at Molyneux’s TED talk, where Project Milo is going to be “somewhat premiered”.