Disappointed about Heavy Rain’s DLC cancellation? So is Cage

Seeing as Heavy Rain left a serious amount of plot holes woven into its gritty tale we were kind of depending on the DLC to address a few huge issues that hold the game back from being something special. Sadly, instead of giving us the answers we crave, David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream were asked to get their waggle on for PlayStation Move, adding support for the motion controller.

The original idea was that we’d get a series of hour long add-ons that would explain a lot of stuff the game left up in the air, but all we’ve got so far is the Madison piece that came with the special edition. While we knew that Cage, the brain behind the rain (I deserve an award for that), was interested in adding motion controls to the game, he’s frustrated that gamers won’t get to see the final pieces of content for the game.

Speaking to NowGamer, he revealed that “Unfortunately, Sony preferred to ask us to focus on Move to support the device rather than on creating new content. On our side, we did not want to spend more time on HR, which would have meant delaying new projects. This is a decision I can understand, and I am certainly happy we had the opportunity to play with this device and to support it, although I am certainly disappointed for fans we could not finish the story of HR the way we intended.”

Mr. Cage tells us to expect his new project pretty soon, but we’re guessing this stalls a reveal for a little while at least. While adding motion support will probably convince me to give Heavy Rain another playthrough, I’d much rather see the DLC as I’m sure many of you agree. Perhaps there’s still hope for them once the Move Edition patch is out the door.