Even more Yakuza heading to PS3

Someone needs to let poor old Kazuma have a bit of a rest; Yakuza 3 released in the West only four months ago, Yakuza 4 is heading here next year, there’s Yakuza PSP to look forward to, and now SEGA have confirmed there’s another PS3 game heading our way.

Awkward Famitsu translations incoming as series director Toshihiro Nagoshi spoke to Famitsu about the new title. He refused to confirm that this was definitely Yakuza 5, but did say that “We want to show evidence of ‘there are still these possibilities for the Yakuza series. We won’t be throwing out the past methods of enjoyment, but we will be taking a scalpel to the fundamentals of the game systems.”

Yakuza games are released every year in Japan, and they always get eaten up by critics and gamers alike. We of the west however were starting to tire of the same old formula in every game, so this is encouraging news. The term destruction was brought up in the interview too, and it’s confirmed that Majima Goro, a worringly happy psychopath and fan favorite will be playable.

Look for the next Yakuza to steal the show at this year’s TGS.