Force Unleashed devs hopeful of a big screen adaptation

When it comes to expanding the Star Wars mythos, the normally second-string mediums of videogames, cartoons and comics have put George Lucas’ recent movies to shame, so it seems only fair that one of them in particular – The Force Unleashed – should itself inspire a movie.

Despite average reviews, The Force Unleashed ‘s midichlorian-infused secret apprentice Starkiller exhibited enough bad ass attitude in the first five minutes that he almost made us forget how the prequels turned filmdom’s most iconic villain into the galaxy’s biggest crybaby. Whether a testament to the care the developers put into crafting engaging characters and an interesting storyline, or to how desperate fans are to wash their brains clean of Jar Jar Binks, The Force Unleashed has established itself as a franchise in its own right,  spawning its own line of comics, novels and, if its creators have any say, a movie.

“We’re already seeing [The Force Unleashed] reach out into publishing with comic books and novels that are taking into account stories we’ve created and characters we’ve created,” said executive producer Haden Blackman in an interview with CVG. “Hopefully some day we see these characters on big or little screen.”

In the meantime, fans of Darth Vader’s prodigal progeny can look forward to his return in the upcoming sequel, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, despite his apparent self-sacrificial demise in the first game. “We’re dealing in a period of time that has largely been unexplored by anything,” said Blackman. “[Lucasfilm has] been really great about letting us do what we need to do to make the best game possible and tell the best story.”