Kinectimals, Milo as separate as separate can be

As the comments on what Project Milo is or isn’t were being thrown around earlier this week, Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer threw in words which indicated that Frontier Developments’ Kinect launch title Kinectimals and the Lionhead virtual boy were sharing tech.

Simply not so, Frontier chairman David Braben has today clarified.

In an email shot to OXM, Braben wrote: “I’d like to address some stories that are currently circulating, that Kinectimals from Frontier is somehow related to Milo and Kate from Lionhead.”

Kinectimals has been in development since before we saw Milo. It is built using Frontier’s own technology shared with other Frontier games in development, and ideas evolved from earlier games like Dog’s Life.”

“There has not been any involvement in the technology or design by Lionhead. Milo and Kate is a completely separate (and intriguing) development from Lionhead.”

That’s cleared up then.