Metro 2034 on PS3 a possibility

Metro 2034, the sequel to Xbox 360 and PC-only THQ-published Metro 2033 — the existence of which was slipped just yesterday — may find itself on the PlayStation 3, author Dmitry Glukhovsky reckons.

Writing on his blog (via), Glukhovsky says it took 19 days for developer 4A Games to port the PC version of the first game over to the Xbox 360. A PS3 port on the other hand would’ve taken six months.

The studio also apparently lacked PS3 architects at the time; the sensible solution then, according to the author, was to look to the future.

But, as THQ core games VP Danny Bilson has told IG, it’ll be a while before we see the RPG sequel. It won’t be out for “a couple of years,” he says.