Rumor: Nintendo 3DS to retail for $200

Could the Nintendo 3DS come with a 200 dollar price tag? According to BartSmit, that’d be a ‘yessir’.

The Dutch retailer has been found to list the new handheld with a now-removed price tag of €169.95, which converts into roughly $200, or £140, CVG reports; quite a bit lower than what analysts have predicted.

After indications from Nintendo execs that they intend to make a profit with every system sold, and NOA boss Reggie Fils-Aime’s alleged words that 3DS’ manifacturing costs are “a lot” higher than the DSi’s, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter expects the company to sell plenty of units even with a price tag of $299: “I think that they can sell out the first 10 million at any price below $300.”

He’s joined by Lazard Capital Markets’ analyst Colin Sebastian who expects the handheld to be priced at $249-$299.