Valve gets cryptic again, says “something big” coming to Team Fortress 2

Looks like Valve is at it again with their cryptic hints at a cool new announcement. Yesterday, on the official Team Fortress 2 blog, lead designer Robin Walker wrote about the now-occurring “calm before the storm,” that likely portends that “something big is happening.”

Sprinkled about the post are what might be hints, or maybe just nothing at all. He talks about possibly non-human team mates, and a potential surprise involving an upcoming Polycount Pack that will include user-generated content for a recent contest.

He also uses the post to announce the launch of the Official TF2 Wiki, so if you have any pearls of TF2 wisdom you wish to share with the community, there is the place. And “if you’re a useful enough contributor,” Walker writes, “the weather might talk to you too. It might even point out which of the people on your team aren’t real humans.” What the heck!?

And how does he end it? “Or maybe, just maybe, it’s something else entirely.” It’s like being lied to, but not. Either way, it’s Valve; it can only be good.