BioWare demos The Old Republic gameplay

Those of us hungering for actual gameplay footage of BioWare’s upcoming Star Wars MMO have finally been given something to satiate our needs. A multiplayer demo clip was posted on the game’s website today, and, well… The Old Republic certainly looks like an MMO.

While that might sound a little dismissive, once we peel away the decidedly awesome layers of Star Wars enveloping it, the game doesn’t appear to be doing much by way of innovating within its genre. In this clip we see a tank, a damage dealer, a healer and a support class (all traditional MMO archetypes) taking on a fairly run-of-the-mill instanced mission. Nothing new.

Still, it’s too early to pass any real judgment on the game, and hopefully the very briefly shown multiplayer dialogue trees will do more by way of breathing new life into the genre.