DiRT and GRID every 2 years, 3D on the horizon for both

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens dropped some knowledge about the developer’s popular racing franchises in a recent interview. Cousens explained that new entries in both the DiRT and GRID series will be released every other year.

“The approach will be that we’ll annualise Formula One and alternate DiRT and GRID [one every two years]. And we’ll alternate them because we want the experience to grow each time,” the chief exec said.

He went on to talk about the need to keep up with cutting-edge technology in games development: “Obviously, the way the games are written today, within that the design of the game will lend itself to online, and we’re conscious of the fact that 3D is becoming a factor…Given that DiRT 3’s out there on the drawing board, I’m sure we’ll want to address most of those elements.” That seems to be a clear insinuation that 3D elements can be expected in forthcoming Codemasters games.