Console APB not an immediate concern, needs a publisher

Even though Realtime Worlds MMO APB‘s PC version was released in both North America and Europe last week, a console version — the game was announced as a PC/Xbox 360 game in 2005 — is ‘not an immediate concern’ for the studio, creative director Dave Jones has noted.

The console version doesn’t even have a publisher in fact, and won’t be moving forward until it’s found one. “That’s the only thing that will trigger that,” Jones told EG in a recent interview.

EA Partners, the PC version’s publisher, isn’t suitable for the task, he explains, as the Partners label “tend to work with something that’s fully funded, along the way, and just needs distribution.”

A console version is still something Jones would “love” to do and, while the game won’t be ‘shopped around’, Realtime will be having “conversations with people” to see if there’s interest. Right now though it’s all about the PC version; “[The] immediate concern is getting some new content out, updating the game and talking about what’s coming next.”