Next Splinter Cell may abduct, drag bodies

The next Splinter Cell game may include Uncharted 2-like ‘abduction moves’. That’s “where you’re in cover and you grab the guy and drag him out of view” then, as creative director Maxime Beland explains.

Speaking to Xbox World 360, Beland says it was a planned feature for Splinter Cell: Conviction but one they “had to cut out.”

Also included in Sam Fisher’s new outing may be the option to drag bodies, a feature he wishes they would’ve included but was missing from the last game due to time constraints.

“There’s quite a bit we left out,” game director Patrick Redding adds, “but we may use those ideas in Splinter Cell 6.”

He further elaborates: “Personally I would love for us to look at modes that emphasise puzzle play and navigational gameplay and stuff that’s highly objection-based.”

“I think what we’ve done is used Deniable Ops [the game’s multiplayer component] as a way of showcasing a certain style of stealth action and I think we can build on that foundation with additional types of exotic gameplay.”

The new game is known to be in the works at Ubisoft Toronto. No ETA just yet.