MGS 3DS isn’t necessarily the game we’ll get

Easily one of the most intriguing games/tech demos for Nintendo’s 3DS at E3 was the wonderfully titled Metal Gear Solid 3D “The Naked Sample”. It certainly got me excited but there’s a chance that we might end up with an entirely different game by the time it releases.

It turns out that what was on offer was simply “testing the grounds” as Kojima Productions put it on their recent podcast.

Spokesperson Sean Eyestone stated: “I think we talked about the fact that it is a sample. That’s one thing. So you know, not saying that we won’t bring it out in the future or anything like that. We can’t say one way or the other whether or not something like that will come out on the 3DS. At this point we can’t say anything. But what we did show at E3 was a sample of what we can do with the 3DS.”

Joining him was Christopher Johns who added: “This title, we expect a lot of comments. We want to hear the feedback. Hideo [Kojima] really wants to hear the feedback, especially. I think it might help bring it out, maybe.”

Looks like it’s down to us to decide what we want out of MGS 3DS. The series is trying to prove it has life after Snake’s “final mission” in MGS4, but what ground is there left to cover past Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Rising?