Star Trek Online EP resigns

Craig Zinkievich, executive producer on Star Trek Online, is leaving Cryptic Studios.

In a farewell letter published on the MMO’s official website, Zinkievich announces that “it’s time for [him] to move on”.

“I’ve decided to take a break from Cryptic Studios for a bit and focus on other things, like hanging out with my kids over the summer, walking my goat more and taking care of my bees,” he writes.

Taking over Zinkievich’s duties will be game producer Daniel Stahl, a man “tasked with taking the MMO through the next phases of its life” and one with “his finger on the pulse of the community,” according to Zinkievich.

“With Dan in the Captain’s chair, I’m confident that this team will be true to Star Trek’s vision and continue to expand STO to its fullest potential.”

“They better – cause I’m going to be hanging in ESD, exploring the B’Tran cluster and demanding playable Horta on the forums,” he concluded.

Zinkievich spent seven years at Cryptic, two and a half of those working on Star Trek Online.