The new Xbox 360 can come in other colors, too

When Microsoft announced the new Xbox 360 design at its E3 press briefing last month, it was displayed in just one color: black. If you’re into the color of coal, hockey pucks, and pavement, then I’m sure you’re already head-over-heels for the new console. But what if you want the slim, sexy, quiet machine in a different color? What’s a distressed gamer to do?

Enter custom electronics firm ColorWare. You ship your Xbox 360 to these guys and gals, and they, through some sort of sorcery, paint your console and controller whatever color you’d like (yes, pink is possible).

Your lust to be unique will come at a cost though. ColorWare is charging $295 for re-coloring, and a whopping $770 if you buy a custom system through them.

People must actually do this sort of thing, as ColorWare paints all sorts of electronics and just recently added Xbox 360 support. Have any of you ever paid money for a service like this? How does it benefit you? I don’t get it.