Black: ‘Strong DLC’ will lead to Bodycount 2

Black creator Stuart Black is looking to turn his next venture, Bodycount, into a series of games, he’s revealed in a recent interview.

Speaking quite freely on the matter, the designer says the gap between the first and second games is to be filled with downloadable content, with the second title’s events currently being ‘foreshadowed’.

“We’ve got a strong plan to do DLC between our seasons,” Black said after explaining that the first game is viewed as a season one of sorts. “When we come to the end of Bodycount and our last episode so to speak, there’s going to be a big reveal that’s going to change the nature of our world both in terms of narrative and from the gameplay perspective, and in particular broaden out the multiplayer aspect of the game.”

He later added: “About half way through the development of the first title we kind of figured out what we wanted to do in the second game; we’d start foreshadowing and seeding those events so we can lead smoothly into season two.”

It may be a bit early for chatter of second game though; as can be seen from the pre-Alpha debut footage and a ‘spring 2011’ release window, the first game still has a bit of development time left.