Codename Kingdoms ‘unique to what Xbox is as a platform’

Crytek’s mysterious Xbox exclusive, Codename Kingdoms, is a game shrouded in mystery. The live action trailer it was announced with at Microsoft’s E3 press briefing last month (above) only managed to raise questions, questions Microsoft Game Studios’ corporate vice president Phil Spencer has now added to.

According to the executive, the non-Kinect title is “unique to what [Xbox is] as a platform” — which is about the biggest tease one could come up with — and a project Crytek’s “extremely excited about building”.

Despite its shy nature though, the game’s been in the works “for a while” now, Spencer also says. And, of course, great things should be expected: “They’re just such a top-tier developer. Graphically, they’re on a par with anybody else in the industry – and I think it’s a great addition to our line-up.”