FrontierVille has players paying for poop

FrontierVille, developer Zynga’s Wild West spin on their Facebook-based smash hit FarmVille, is currently the fastest growing game on the social networking service. And to thank the more than 15 million active monthly users that have made this success possible, Zynga is giving them shit. Actually, not giving so much as selling, but the shit part – entirely accurate.

Over the holiday weekend, players came face to feces with the Manure Collection, a new set of virtual dumps lovingly pinched off by the game’s menagerie of farm animals, that could be used to unlock an item needed to create fireworks.  As if an explosion of virtual bird diarrhea weren’t fireworks enough. The collection includes such alliteration-abundant entries as Poultry Puddin’, Piggy Poop, Brush Brownie, Prairie Pile, and Meadow Muffin. Not included is the sense of dignity you will have lost for trading real money for fake fecal matter.