PAX East returning to Boston through 2013

The Penny Arcade Expo spread its wings and flew to Boston in March for the first-ever PAX East. It was a great show. Red Dead Redemption was there, so was Crackdown 2, the cast of the hit gaming show X-Play, former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling, and others, which altogether made up a whopping 60,000 total attendees.

So if some is good…..more is better.

The Boston Globe is reporting that the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority has signed a deal with PAX organizers for bringing to convention to Boston through 2013.

“Bringing PAX East back to Boston is a huge win for Boston and the Commonwealth, allowing us to continue to showcase the diversity of our technology scene and the international talent of our city’s game developers,” authority executive director James E. Rooney said in a statement.

East Coasters, I used to be of your breed. I know how little attention and respect that region of the country gets (despite its high volume of premier development houses). So I urge you, step out into the cold and embrace this convention. It’s open to the public, so you really should go.