Ubisoft: 3D TV in every home by 2014

Ubisoft, self-proclaimed “big fan of 3D,” believes there will be a 3D-enabled telly in all our houses in three years’ time. At least, that’s according to the company’s UK head of marketing Murray Pannel. He’s thinking it’s a fact, even.

Talking to Eurogamer, the marketing boss says the third dimension “is a technology that’s coming” and one that ‘can’t be ignored.’

“It’ll start slowly this year. But like HDTV I wouldn’t rule out the fact that this will be installed in everyone’s living room in three year’s time.”

“That’s not to say every game needs to be in 3D,” he adds, but “it’s coming”.

To all the non-believers out there Pannel says: “Watch this space.”

“…when you have global corporations like Sony pushing 3D as hard as they possibly can, Sky, equally, showcasing 3D content on TV, I believe it will become a much more important part of consumer electronics than a lot of people believe.”