Analyst says Call of Duty: Black Ops will sell 12 million

Despite the current snarling litigious imbroglio surrounding Activision and the Call of Duty brand, an analyst thinks the latest installment in the series, Black Ops, will have no problem flying off the shelves this holiday.

According to Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson, Call of Duty: Black Ops will sell in excess of 12 million copies, which sits above his previously noted 10 million.

Citing his retail sources, he goes as far as to say pre-order numbers for the Cold War era, deniable ops shooter are up over that of Modern Warfare 2‘s.

Call of Duty: Black Ops releases November 9.

Call me what you will, but I enjoy the Call of Duty series. I love the over-the-top action, and even if it’s  the ignorance is bliss mentality, I don’t care. What about you? Will you pick up the game this November?