Microsoft’s “Project S” draws from past empires

“Project S,” a pretty unassuming name attached to a secret strategy game surfaced this past Wednesday. It has since been speculated as Microsoft’s new crack at Halo Wars. These gropings have been put to rest, however, with more information coming in tying the game to former Age of Empires developers. Well they’ve at least been given something else to consider.

Following the demise of Ensemble Studios, a new incarnation with previous staffers arose with Robot Entertainment, the studio apparently responsible for the new game. The studio’s website, conveniently up and running just around the release of this information, also points to working on a new game for Microsoft Game Studios.

Another strike against the “Halo genre” theory can be seen by kindly directing your attention to the splash screen with the title “Spartan”.  This word admittedly has strong ties with the aforementioned series. The cartoonish antiquated warrior and artwork accompanying the name, however, seem to spell out a distinct break from the the Halo universe.

The icing on this fledgeling cake comes in the form of news that the core of the gameplay is going to be something very close to Age of Empires, but with a brand new visual.