Survey says: 28% of iPad owners use it primarily for gaming

Resolve Market Research conducted a survey where they polled iPad owners and asked “hey, what the heck do you use the device for?” The results? 28 percent responded saying they used the hunk of plastic primarily for gaming.

That’s quite a figure, but the study delves deeper. 23 percent said the iPad was “the most enjoyable for playing games” compared to smartphones and portable gaming machines (like the DS or PSP).

Uh oh Sony and Nintendo, Apple is out to eat a slice of your delicious marketshare cake. Oh, actually probably not, because Nintendo has its 3DS, and Sony has this speculative project.

When the iPad was first announced I laughed. When it sold millions following its launch, I cringed. And now that it’s intruding on my beloved portables’ space, I’m perturbed. What about you? Do you own an iPad? Is gaming your main ambition when using the device?