Activision’s Amrich says Blur can’t be called a flop… yet

Despite many solid reviews, Activision’s racer Blur hasn’t exactly been flying off shelves since its May release. During the first week in stores, Blur sold only 31,000 copies stateside. That figure is not exactly thrilling to Activision but it won’t stop them from defending Bizarre Creations’ project.

Former game reviewer and current Activision social media manager Dan Amrich is confident that you can’t judge Blur‘s or any other game’s commercial success based on just the first week. “Blur shipped 25th May in the US, 28th May in the UK,” says Amrich, “Since the June data is not yet available (and won’t be for a few more weeks), we are looking at one week of sales and no international data.”

Amrich compares Blur‘s slow start to that of DJ Hero, a game that depended on a price break as well as word-of-mouth marketing to gain some steam and eventually sell 1.2 million copies. “That’s not a flop; that’s the long tail at work,” Amrich points out.

Is it fair to compare the sales of an original music game sold with a high price tag and an unfamiliar piece of hardware to a Mario Kart-killing racer? We’re not sure, but Amrich is correct in saying we need more data to reach a verdict.