Nintendo to tackle digital distribution with 3DS

WiiWare and DSiWare are all fine and dandy but storage limitations among other factors have always held Nintendo’s consoles back in terms of digital distribution. We’ve seen some great games like the latest Mega Man titles, but the company’s never been toe-to-toe with its competitor’s offerings, and that’s a big problem in this day and age.

All of that is set to change with the arrival of the 3DS however. Nintendo is already boasting a host of impressive features for their latest handheld and big boss Satoru Iwata is now talking about pushing their digital content too.

“We are thinking the release of new hardware should be good timing for a dramatic improvement of this situation,” he revealed when asked by a concerned investor.

“In addition to the function of ‘3D graphics without 3D glasses,’ Nintendo 3DS will have enhanced wireless communication function. Nintendo 3DS will receive various pieces of information automatically if there is a chance of communication while a user carries it even when he or she does not try to start communication proactively by unfolding Nintendo 3DS. By combining Nintendo 3DS with such function, we are now planning to expand our digital-distribution type of business.”

Could we see higher-quality digital titles come to 3DS? Maybe the big N is set to make an example with one of their big franchises. Or maybe I’m just starting unnecessary rumours.