Remedy: Word of mouth to benefit Alan Wake

Alan Wake‘s North American month one sales of 145,000 copies is not a particularly strong start for a long-awaited triple-A release. Regardless, developer Remedy believes the game to have long legs and benefit from what head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen says is “very apparent” word of mouth.

“This breath of fresh air for gamers seems to now be working to our advantage, as those that have already enjoyed Wake are clearly inspired to talk more about the game and tell their fellow gamers to try it also,” Häkkinen tells VG247.

“The word of mouth phenomenon is very apparent with Alan Wake. There has been a growing interest in the title and it certainly seems to have legs to sustain.”

The first sign of this may be last week’s UK sales. After dropping from the top 40, the game has re-entered the chart at position 23.

But why the slow start? “There is no doubt that Alan Wake hit the shelves during a very competitive launch window, with some games dominating with extremely aggressive marketing,” Häkkinen explains; Red Dead Redemption — which outsold Alan Wake by a factor of 8 — in particular.

Though nothing’s been confirmed yet, the Finnish developer recently started hiring for a “AAA console project” which we can only presume is Alan Wake 2, for which the story’s already set. Full production on a sequel may some ways off though; according to Häkkinen’s earlier words, the studio’s not big enough to develop the upcoming downloadable content and a new game simultaneously.